Shipping Information:

To track a package, please use the USPS.COM WEB SITE

WE DO NOT SHIP OUTSIDE OF THE UNITED STATES. Live plants that are shipped to foreign countries must be inspected by the US Department of Agriculture (USDA), and a Phytosanitary Certification must accompany the plants. The inspection and Phyto documentation are expensive, both in terms of cost and time, and we are unable to justify these costs to our customers. Thank you for your understanding, and contact us if you happen to visit the US.


PLEASE NOTE that we use heat packs in all shipments as needed during the colder months, and AT NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE to our customers. While many of our competitors not only charge you for heat packs, but don't honor their live plant guarantees unless you DO buy them, we feel this is just a normal cost of doing business. Just one more way that tries to ensure the safe arrival of your order!

We normally offer several methods of shipping in order to best suit the customer.

USPS Priority Mail - This service offers relatively fast delivery and basic tracking capability, including a scan when your shipment is dropped off at the post office, an estimated delivery date, and scans when your shipment arrives in your city, at your local post office, and when it is actually delivered. PLEASE NOTE that Priority Mail packages are NOT scanned while en route.

USPS Express Mail - This is the fastest, most reliable service the post office offers, with fast delivery (overnight to most ZIP codes in the continental U.S.) and enhanced tracking ability to determine where your package is while en route.

Local Pickup - If you are local to the Houston area and would like to save on shipping, you may request to pick up your order by advance appointment. Contact us at [email protected] or phone at (281) 433-3290 to arrange this option. You'll be requested to specify a date to come pick up your order.

We strive to ship all orders Mondays and Wednesdays.   Orders received through Sunday afternoon will go out Monday.  Orders received through Tuesday afternoon will go out Wednesday.  USPS Priority Mail usually takes from 1-4 days to arrive, depending on your location. Average delivery time is 2-3 days from date of shipment to most locations in the continental U.S. However, our shipping days may be altered depending on holidays, availability of stock, order volume or weather conditions which may adversely affect live goods in transit. Also, USPS Priority Mail is not a guaranteed service, and we do not refund shipping charges due to delayed delivery .

Rest assured that when your order is packaged and shipped, you will receive an email from to let you know that the order has been shipped, followed by another email directly from the US Postal Service ( notifying you that the package is in their system, including any tracking number based on the service selected.

The time in transit depends on the shipping method you selected and your location in the country. Once your order is shipped, the average delivery time to most locations in the continental U.S. is 2-3 days via USPS Priority Mail.  
Several times each year, we offer special Pre-Sales.  These are for items that we are receiving from overseas.  These plants are potted and held for a couple of weeks to ensure their health before they are shipped.  There can be a month lag between ordering time and shipping time for these special offerings.

For more information , please visit our help section.