We have just placed our LARGEST EVER order with Borneo Exotics in Sri Lanka, and have hundreds and hundreds of plants that will be shipped to us for arrival by mid-October. Some of these are plants that they used to offer years ago, and are returning for the first time since. And a FEW of these are even of the LARGE (6 to 12 inch diameter) SIZE!! Some of these (marked with an asterisk (*) were in such short supply that we only were able to get a few of them. Here's a list to tease you; e-mail us at service(at)petflytrap(dot)com with any questions or to discuss advance reservations:


*fusca x petiolata



*maxima 'Gunung Lumut'

*merrilliana x campanulata

*rajah x mira

*spathulata x glandulifera

*spathulata x mindanaoensis

*spathulata x spectabilis

*talangensis x mirabilis var. globosa

SPECIES (Small Plants):

ampullaria 'Williams Red' x 'Harlequin'

*ampullaria 'Lime Twist'



lingulata (yes, the true species!)


ventricosa 'Madja-as'


'Lady Luck' AKA 'Bloody Mary' (ampullaria x ventricosa)

aristolochioides x ventricosa

burbidgeae x platychila

chaniana x veitchii

densiflora x robcantleyi 'King of Clubs'

glandulifera x petiolata

petiolata x veitchii

platychila x vogelii

robcantleyi x veitchii

singalana x spectabilis

*spathulata x aristolochioides

spathulata x campanulata

spathulata x dubia

spathulata x platychila

spathulata x spectabilis

spathulata x vogelii

veitchii x platychila

vogelii x (spathulata x mira)

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